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1 the period of time in your life after your physical growth has stopped and you are fully developed [syn: adulthood]
2 state of being mature; full development [syn: matureness] [ant: immaturity]
3 the date on which a financial obligation must be repaid [syn: maturity date, due date]

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mature + -ity



  1. The state of being ready or ripe
  2. When bodily growth has completed and reproduction can begin
    • The entire tank of guppies was in their maturity and ready to mate.
  3. ready for execution or coming due
    • The note was cashed at maturity.


Derived terms


state of being ready or ripe
when bodily growth has completed and reproduction can begin
ready for execution or coming due

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Maturity may refer to:
maturity in French: Maturité (homonymie)

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ability, accounts payable, accounts receivable, adulthood, adultness, age of consent, amount due, applicability, bad debts, bill, bills, borrowing, capability, charges, chits, close, competence, competency, completing, completion, conclusion, condition, consummation, culmination, debt, driving age, due, dues, end, ending, financial commitment, finish, finishing, fitness, fittedness, floating debt, flower of age, full age, full bloom, full development, full growth, fullgrownness, fullness, funded debt, grown-upness, indebtedness, indebtment, legal age, legalis homo, liability, majority, manhood, manlihood, mastery, maturation, mature age, mellowness, national debt, obligation, operability, outstanding debt, perfection, pledge, preparedness, prime, prime of life, proficiency, public debt, qualification, readiness, ripe age, ripeness, riper years, rounding off, rounding out, score, seasoning, suitability, suitableness, suitedness, tempering, termination, terminus, toga virilis, topping off, trim, uncollectibles, unfulfilled pledge, virility, windup, womanhood, womanlihood, years of discretion
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